About the project

This website will provide a more detailed and technical commentary to the Jamison-Brereton Rig Veda translation (Oxford Univ. Press, 2014) than was feasible in the published volumes. Sections of the commentary will be posted in stages. At present pdfs are posted in the Introduction and in Books I (all the SWJ hymns), II (all the SWJ hymns), III (all the SWJ hymns), IV (all the SWJ hymns), V (all the SWJ hymns), VI (all the SWJ hymns), VII (all the SJ hymns), VIII (all hymns),  IX (all hymns), and X (1-60), and contain only SWJ’s comments on hymns that were her final responsibility; hymns currently without comments, marked JPB, will receive comments at a later time. For further remarks on the particulars of the commentary, see the introduction on the menu above.

Please note that the files may show spacing problems if viewed in a browser window. If you encounter this problem, the files should display properly if downloaded.